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Go hard or go home, run at the challenge….

Go hard or go home, run at the challenge….

I woke up this morning and turned to kiss my wife good morning and laid back, enjoying the sunshine streaming through the window. I started to reflect on all the changes in my life and thought, “Wow, how the hell did all this happen?” It’s our 3rd wedding anniversary today and my beautiful wife is next to me 5 months pregnant carrying our future new prince/princess. I decide to get up and tune into my emotions, which are a strange mix of both fear and excitement, all hitting me at the same time. Our flat looks like a bombsite with boxes strewn all over the flat. The reason for this is that less than 9 months since our last house move we are moving again. In fact in less than 10 days we will be boarding a plane to move to a new continent, new culture and new way of life.

I know what you’re thinking, I see it in the eyes of my friends as they congratulate us and wish us all the best: “crazy fools!” I catch myself thinking the same thing but despite this vulnerable state of mind there is a part of me skipping along with excitement. It’s the part of me that has been chained up, locked away doing what was expected of me and not what I wanted to do. I often ponder and ask myself why. Obligation, fear, identity, respect, survival? A whole host of reasons.

Before I met my partner in crime my life was about structure. I have worked in the corporate sector for nearly 20 years, lived in the same house for over 10 years and have been in the UK for 25 years, definitely no radical change. You could say I began a journey where I forced myself to change my beliefs and mindset. The journey is ongoing even though several times I have wanted to stop the ride and get off and return to normality.

I realized my dreams are in those places that scare me and I don’t have all the answers or a watertight plan. I’ve learnt to start running head first at those situations, committing whole-heartedly to my new motto “go hard or go home”. I have learnt to build my faith and think optimistically, hoping for the best before planning for the worst. A subtle shift in mindset but a game changer to how I approach opportunity. I have learnt to say yes before thinking of excuses for why

I shouldn’t do this.

As I plan my schedule for the day with 3 mental performance coaching sessions booked, it’s a far cry from my last investment banking role with HSBC almost a year ago. I can’t even begin to explain how I charted this monumental change in my professional life. I know it’s a lot of fun and I’m grateful for the blessings to get this chance and want to continue running at my dreams headfirst. My new motto for today is ‘balls deep”, when things scare me I want to run into the situation and make sure I’m balls deep.

P.S. Oh yeah, it helps to have a partner in crime.

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