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Maximize Your ROI 
A Live Virtual Masterclass

Want to maximize Return on Investment for your efforts?


Take back control of your time.

In your focus to grow your career or business, you may have stopped powering down altogether: When you're at work you're wishing you could be more present in your personal life; and when you're offline you're constantly thinking about your work.

Through our work coaching C-suite executives and global brand leaders, we've developed a powerful strategy for becoming world-class at rest recovery and rejuvenation so you can perform consistently at a high level when it matters the most.

During this virtual experience, we'll show you how to:

  • Take back control of your time

  • Dial-up your productivity

  • Multiply the impact of your rest, recovery and rejuvenation

  • Experience more joy, harmony & better work-life integration

Start getting more for your efforts today!


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What We Do

At Dreamcatchers Performance, we help visionary leaders drive business growth and transformation through high performance executive and team coaching, providing on-demand and customized support.


In helping clients achieve career-altering results, we have discovered the guiding force central to our mental fitness revolution: "There is no sustainable high performance without wellbeing".

Our methods drive productivity, engagement and returns by leveraging:

  • 2,500+ hours of coaching in the U.S. and international markets

  • 200+ hours of training certified by the International Coaching Federation

  • 20+ years of experience leading complex business transformation

Who We Serve

Our clients are C-suite executives and global brand leaders at mid-market and Fortune 500 companies that turn to us for trusted guidance on:

  • Driving revenue growth and profitability through mental fitness mindset shifts, transformational change and organizational disruption

  • Maximizing ROI for executive and team development across the business

  • Accelerating wins during transition, rapid change and uncertainty

  • Customizing performance strategies to adapt, flex, cope under pressure

  • Building a legacy without sacrificing wellbeing

There Is No Sustainable High Performance Without Wellbeing


Meet our Founder: Chinazom Sunny Nwabueze

Mental Fitness Expert

ICF Certified Executive & Team Coach

Chinazom (pronounced 'Chee-Nah-Zuhm') is the founder and managing director at Dreamcatchers Performance LLC, a high performance coaching consulting company. Drawing from two decades of experience as a leadership coach and performance psychologist, he recently authored his first book "Real Talk: A New Approach To Men's Mental Fitness,” an Amazon Best Seller, and launched a corresponding podcast "Real Talk: Conversations on Mental Fitness.”


In spending more than 2,500 hours coaching global brand leaders and C-suite executives, he has helped them achieve career-altering results, while discovering the guiding force central to his mental fitness revolution: "There is no sustainable high performance without wellbeing.” 

Certified in financial risk management and business analysis, Chinazom led complex transformation programs at top tier global investment banks in the U.S. and U.K. prior to coaching.


Chinazom’s engaging "real talk” data and storytelling approach has made him a sought after speaker and media expert. He has been featured on the BBC, in Forbes, Fast Company, Medium and popular US and UK podcasts including the Chris Voss Show.

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Meet our Team Coach:

Ije Jemie Nwabueze

Business Transformation Expert

Lean Six Sigma & Agile Certified Coach

Ije (pronounced 'E-J')  is a business strategy and transformation leader with deep experience scaling growth at mid-market and Fortune 500 companies in 3 major global markets.

Through executive and team high performance coaching and business transformation consulting, Ije helps businesses deliver on mission-critical priorities by raising collective awareness and balancing big picture innovative thinking with efficient end-to-end planning and execution.

Prior to coaching, Ije served as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives in fast-scaling environments, managed 8 figure budgets for enterprise-wide operational excellence programs and built high performing teams from the ground up. Experience includes Capital One, Discovery Education, TEGNA and Goldman Sachs. 

Ije is certified in Lean Six Sigma business process improvement, Agile project management, change management and business analysis, with Wall Street training in credit, operational and conduct risk management. She is also a professionally trained executive and team coach. 

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is to co-create a strategy and detailed plan that inspires you and helps you achieve exceptional results. We focus on developing a deep understanding of your vision, what you hope to achieve and why. We believe in you and show you how to get to your desired outcome. We hold you accountable and support you every step of the way. 

What sets us apart from other executive coaching solutions is that we are Mental Fitness experts. We link high performance to wellbeing. We show you how to revive yourself continuously under pressure so that you can show up authentically, give your best, and achieve lasting success. 

Results You Can Count On

Through our coaching and consulting, we'll show you how to:

  • Accelerate wins and deliver impact 2X faster 

  • Show up authentically 

  • Communicate a solid vision both internally and externally 

  • Attract and assess talent including coaching to drive results

  • Inspire your team to create the right culture and grow the business

  • Manage your energy tank 


Start unlocking your potential today!

Client Success Stories

Reeta Nair

Senior Corporate Counsel

John Martien

Technical Solution Specialist Manager

Yeimy Garcia Smith

Technology Executive

Joel Niamien

Investment Executive

Move from Change to Transformation by Helping your People Navigate the Necessary Transitions  

Coaching is Now

a Must-Have

With the rapid change, transition and uncertainty that businesses have been experiencing since the pandemic and with the growth of AI, there is a need to re-imagine how you manage talent to get the best out of your people. Ensuring you have the right people in the right seats is the first step. Aligning their individual and collective success with business priorities is next. High performance executive and team coaching is the most effective way to achieve this. We help you shift from managing change with a product or process lens to helping your people navigate the necessary transitions. So you can drive innovation, growth and company culture in a truly remarkable way.


We Deliver Exceptional Results

Coaching used to be a black box. You knew it worked but you didn't know how. A high performance coaching consulting company, Dreamcatchers Performance takes the guesswork out of coaching. We provide customized, practical, research-backed coaching strategies that can be implemented effortlessly across your business to drive results. Our extensive corporate strategy and leadership experience enables us to understand your critical pain points and pressures. We work closely with you to create solutions that will help you move from change to lasting transformation.

Global Brands We Have Worked With

What We Offer


Raise your awareness and discover strategies for transformation, performance, wellbeing, communication and more. Work with dedicated experts in one-to-one or small group sessions to create a personalized plan for unlocking your potential and creating a better life.


Get comprehensive strategies that synthesize market-leading people insights research and data to drive decision-making across the business. Align people strategy with business strategy to build the right culture and inspire exceptional results.  

Maximize Your ROI Quiz

Ready to kickstart your mental fitness journey today? Assess yourself with this FREE online tool and get personalized results that will help you chart out the best plan for achieving your goals and move forward with clarity, confidence and courage.

Real Talk the Book

Follow four friends who get the shock of their lives in this incredible story based on true events. Learn how to build mental fitness, deepen key relationships and create a better life in this #2 Amazon Best Seller.

Real Talk the Podcast

Enjoy insightful conversations on vulnerability, effective communication, and resilience for mental fitness featuring experts in psychology and personal development, as well as everyday heroes who have overcome incredible challenges.

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Executive Leadership

Mental Fitness
& Wellbeing

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