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Real Talk

A new approach to men's mental fitness

Are you ready to start thriving and grabbing the moments that matter?


Have you ever experienced feelings of loneliness, overwhelm, or a loss of hope so visceral you felt as if you’d never be the same?


Are you tired of seeing the trend, especially among men, where we hit our forties, and it’s either we have a mental breakdown or commit suicide. Such a painful and unnecessary waste.


Pursuing Mental Fitness is the way forward through deep introspection and timely action no matter your circumstances. Let’s rewrite the script and stop this trend once and for all.


When reached, Mental Fitness culminates in wellbeing that goes beyond looking good in the mirror. You’ll feel your very essence lightened and enhanced.


The stories contained within this book are based on actual life events from average, everyday people. The characters in this story may be fiction, but the events that transpire are as real as you and I.


Follow four friends who get the shock of their lives in this incredible story.

Join them as they learn to build mental fitness, deepen relationships and create a better life.


Our Intentions

We hope you discover in these pages:


  • Hope that no matter your situation, there is always a way forward to greener pastures and improved emotional and mindful wellbeing.

  • Belief in the collective ability of a group of friends to elevate and support each other through anything with candor, presence, and deep friendship.

  • Trust in your capacity to overcome any hardship with vulnerability, intentionality, and reliance on those closest to you.

  • Power to move beyond the paltry existence of just surviving to the wonderful world of thriving.

  • Access to the true essence of life

The pursuit of Mental Fitness is a journey you need to take for yourself. This book is the first step.

Pick up this book now and let its pages sink deep.

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