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Mindset Training London & Sports Psychology Training

There's a lot of information throughout Washington DC and London, UK about sports psychology training. While it was once thought all you needed to excel in sports was the right physical training, all that is changing. It is now common knowledge that the mind impacts every aspect of your life. 

It's often said that if you say it, and feel it, your mind believes it. Tell yourself that another player is bigger than you, stronger than you, or better than you, and that player will become all of those things. It doesn't matter if it's actually true or not; what matters is that your mind will believe and before you know it, you'll have psyched yourself out. You'll be unable to perform at your best because you don't believe that your best is good enough. We have all seen teams that were supposed to win a big event, yet the underdog suddenly begins scoring and doesn't let up. Did the underdog suddenly get better? Did the better team suddenly get worse? Not at all. The team that was supposed to win, likely let nerves get to them and those nerves talked them out of the win. The other team didn't really have much to lose, and they managed to keep their heads in the game, so they won.

Mindset training Washington DC athletes is what we here at Dreamcatchers Performance are known for. We have programs for elite athletes in Washington DC and London, UK. We work with individuals who want to be there best in anything. It doesn't have to be sports. Please feel free to visit our website at and contact us to enroll. You'll be doing something wonderful for yourself if you do sign up for mindset training with us.

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