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Our services are for anyone who has to perform, whether it’s giving a presentation, going for a job interview, taking an exam, or learning a new sport. If something matters to you, it usually carries an expectation, which brings on nerves triggered by the fight or flight response.


We aim to help you understand this and manage yourself so you can perform at your best. We also assist anyone who wants to consistently perform at a high level, e.g. breaking your personal best to qualify for international competitions, performing at theatre productions, closing a deal on a huge project, scaling through team selection trials for prestigious clubs.

Are you an athlete that wants to do their best? Do you strive to be better and to do more? Are you looking for something more than strength and sports training to help you reach the next level? If you are located in or around Washington DC, USA or London, UK, it's time to contact us here at Dreamcatchers Performance. We provide the best mental performance coaching London athletes can count on. Physical strength and agility are important for the athlete, but that is not all that goes into making one successful. We have an excellent team who are dedicated to your wellbeing and success. 


Whether you have a presentation to give at work, you are going for an important interview, or you plan to perform on stage, we would love to offer you our expert mental performance coaching London. You can count on to help make your confidence soar and your mind clear. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and about the various packages that we have available.




For groups/teams, we believe in transformational leadership, which is based on the philosophy adopted by the All Blacks (rugby) that the group should be made

up of many leaders. We believe it’s essential to have clear group identity and culture to ensure each team member channels their energy toward the common goal.


Our services for groups/teams will cover mental

performance skills training, which can be delivered through educational sessions, workshops, and debriefing meetings.

We provide:

  • On-site Consulting

  • Observations of practice/competition

  • Developing 'how to' guides for incorporating mental performance skills

  • Leadership training 

We will assist with:


  • Creating Group Structure

  • Creating Performance & Development Targets

  • Group Identity & Culture

  • Effective Communication

  • Athlete Empowerment

  • Creating Group Champions

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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