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The goal of the mental performance coach and performance psychology consultant (MSc Sport Psychology;

Dreamcatchers Performance Limited) is to help performers unlock their potential and deliver consistent performance under pressure by understanding and protecting their mindset. 


Besides his research career on mindfulness practice, ability, and wellbeing, Sunny delivers mental performance assessments and performance execution strategies to individuals, corporates, and groups, utilizing applied techniques, as a certified Spotlight practitioner, to deliver performance mindset training and facilitate consistent performance. Sunny pioneered the development of techniques for mental performance flow-zone training and pre-performance routines and worked with sports clubs to implement transformational leadership programs.

 I speak on 
 the following key areas: 
  1. Understanding your mind

  2. Understanding your flowzone/automatic mind

  3. Using mindfulness for performance and self regulation

  4. Consistently performing under pressure 

  5. Developing adaptability and flexibility in your mindset 

  6. Creating an action plan for values based living

  7. How to achieve peace of mind

 Partners & 


I visited the mindflick team at their offices next to the picturesque peak district, where I enjoyed spending time with other participants completing my performance profiling certification on their spotlight tool. I have been using it in my work with corporate performers to help them raise their self awareness, improve their ability to adapt and flex their mindset and behaviour to connect better with those around them and their environment.





Christian Zepp




Trilogy Creative

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Baker Street Therapy 

European Network for Young Sports Psychologist (ENYSSP) Presentation

Zagreb, Croatia, April 2018


Presentation - Blood, sweat, tears and a little bit of vomit; showcasing the importance of pre-performance routines.

My first presentation at ENYSSP and thoroughly enjoyed sharing my findings from my applied work with the Middlesex Athletics Club. I shared insights from a former elite level performers on their perceptions on the importance of a good pre-performance routine to deliver consistent performance when it matters most.


Virtual Applied Sports Psychology Summit & Christian Zepp:

Online Summit, September 2019 

Talk - How mindfulness can turn you into a superhero

I was very excited when I was approached by Christian and Vanessa to be part of the first ever Virtual Applied Sports Psychology Summit (VASPS), after they attended my presentation in Zagreb (Croatia) and Trieste (Italy).

The summit had over 100 participants from around the world and experts speakers talking about mental skills training and performance under pressure.

I was initially scheduled to do a video presentation on mindfulness and how to link it to performance and mental health, we enjoyed working together so much I ended up doing an interview, a live webinar and a bonus guided meditation practice. Please check-out the links from the summit.

The presentation

The interview

European Network for Young Sports Psychologist

(ENYSSP) Workshop

Trieste, Italy, May 2019

Workshop - Can mindfulness make you walk on water

The presentation Part I

Visiting my third ENYSSP conference in the beautiful city of Trieste, which is known for the best gelato and pasta in the whole of Italy (well that’s what they told us). I had been accepted to run one of the workshops which was based on my MSc dissertation looking at how mindfulness can be applied to performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, sharing stories, getting participants to interact, leading a guided meditation and body scan and introducing participants to informal mindfulness practice of mindful eating. I also showcased the Sunny shuffle.

The presentation Part II

Graduation Ceremony at Staffordshire University - September 2018

I was asked by my tutor during my graduation ceremony to do a short video clip on my journey to completing my MSc and the lessons learnt from it, and why I would recommend studying to others at whatever stage in their life.

 More Speaking 

Middlesex Athletics Club: Workshop on

Pre-performance routines and mental skills training

July 2017

After spending a season with the club, watching the athletes train in all weather conditions, mostly rainy. I got to see them bleed, sweat, cry and vomit as they put in the hardwork required to compete. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to present my workshop to the senior sprinters showing the importance of an effective pre-performance routine to unlock your potential and deliver when it really matters.

The Norwood School 

6th Form Presentation on mental skills training

July 2018


I was approached by the assistant head teacher for this academy to talk to students who were about to embark on their university degrees. I enjoyed sharing with them an introduction to mindset training, how to navigate the university application process and finding your passion in life. Learn more about the Norwood School here.

Hillingdon Triathlon Club:

Workshop on mental skills training and mindfulness

March 2019


I approached one of the senior club members to arrange a workshop for the triathlon club members to talk about the importance of mental skills training and mindfulness. It was a lively session with stories and games. Key message was learning how to tune into their third voice under pressure to guide decision making. Learn more about the Triathlon Club here.

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"Full commitment and dedication!

Sunny has been an expert speaker at the European Network for Young Specialists in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) in 2017 and the Virtual Applied Sport Psychology Summit (VASPS) in 2019, engaging and making a significant impression on customers and other experts alike. His talks on mindfulness and mental performance covered a lot of information delivered in precise chunks that were easy to follow and absorb. His presentations’ structure was explicit, logical, and effective at all times. With Sunny, it’s not only about the knowledge he transmits, he also puts a lot of effort, thought, and expertise in his presenting style. Sunny contributed to VASPS2019 with full commitment and strong dedication, making his delivery more than exemplary. I highly recommend him as a speaker and presenter and would be happy to work with him again. A confident, charismatic, and grounded sport psychologist and mental performance coach that will definitely help you make things happen!"

—  Vanessa Martins, Project manager at the Virtual Applied Sport Psychology Summit (VASPS2019)




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