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Performance Psychology Blog:Pre - Performance Routine - series 2

By developing your Pre Performance Routine (PPR) this will help you develop into an elite level performer through the following processes:

  • Self-Discovery: You will learn what works and what doesn’t work, and when it doesn’t work you have to expose yourself to different training methods. This process will teach you to trust your instincts.

  • Safety Blanket: Where-ever you go, rain, hail, snow, extreme heat you can wrap your PPR routine around you, knowing your body and mind will be ready to perform no matter the conditions.

  • Execution Plan: You will learn what conditions are required for you to enter your flow-zone and let the automatic mind take over and your instincts direct your performance. For example an elite level athlete we spoke with found that their formula was psyching up, calming down and delivering.

  • Tuning/Channeling: Tuning into your environment and channeling all your energy into performing by shutting out distractions.

The criteria to be used for evaluating your PPR should be:

The sequencing of your drills, do you understand what you need to execute and is your PPR achieving this?

It must be customized for you, a 5ft 2inch sprinter will have different requirements from a 6ft 6inch hurdler. Make sure everything is tailored for you.

Everything has to be linked to the demands of your event, you should understand the reason why you’re doing anything and everything you do should be linked to specific sections of performance.

It must be tested in training and competition, so if you’re asked are you going to do well at start line, the answer should be definitely yes because you’ve done your PPR.

It must incorporate psychological skills and mindfulness, to tune your mind and body to what it has to deliver, without this you’re just warming up and stretching.

You must have disaster plans in PPR, in case things don’t turn out as expected when you reach the competition environment, you should plan for every scenario and be able to chop down your PPR as the environment dictates and know the key things you need to perform in the chopped down version.

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