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Mental Fitness Chat - Not easy staying in gratitude

Dealing with decision fatigue!!

This came up in a mental fitness chat I had in March with two amazing people Kyla Holcombe, Ph.D.Amber Burkhart. We got to share our joys and challenges.

It has become a way of life now all the decisions we have to make to keep us and our loved ones safe and cope with all the uncertainty around us. Sadly it doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon.

We are definitely getting better at handling the uncertainty. I can attest to that after getting to celebrate our baby shower this weekend. I got to see family members I hadn't seen for over 3 years, some even longer than that. It was extra special to celebrate with so many people we love and care about.

I would love to here how others are coping with decision fatigue and still finding ways to boost their #mentalfitness despite all the uncertainty we face.

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