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Thriving in the #newnormal - Video chat 8 (Words of wisdom from the wiser generation)

I was honoured to have Betsy Vincent share her insights and give us a different perspective on the pandemic and lockdown. Betsy is the mum of a close friend of mine and she is a 71 year old American who's been living in the UK for the last 35+ years. She is still working and keeping active and after our talk my brain was buzzing with ideas for several hours. I hope you find the talk useful.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • We are facing the "big reveal", all the inequalities, vulnerabilities and flaws in society will be revealed

  • On the flip-side, the special light we all have inside will have a chance to flourish

  • This is an opportunity to embrace a transition to a new normal

  • We should ask ourselves whether the old normal is actually worth going back to

  • Stop stigmatising the older generation as just a liability

  • Older generation still have a lot of wisdom to offer

  • Chance to build a greater sense of community

  • We are more resilient than we know

  • Think about what Nelson Mandela was able to achieve from enforced lockdown

  • Don't fight the reality; accept this as another of life's experiences

  • Every moment is precious, cherish it.

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Next video is coming out on Friday, stay tuned!!!

Wishing everyone a productive week, stay strong.

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