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In a nutshell, we help you achieve your dreams by teaching you to understand yourself and become best friends with your mind. We help you optimise the use of this machine called your mind and essentially make you an expert in you. Our approach is to help you develop a mental toolkit so you can take proactive steps to protect your mindset and learn to consistently perform under pressure. We will help you tune into your values and create a vision for your dreams and start planning for success.

Mental performance coaching involves understanding you as an individual and applying structure to your mental skills training. We will start to build your awareness through a mental logbook using targeted goals, monitoring and reflective practice. Based on your needs assessment, we will start developing your psychological skills (self-talk, visualisation, relaxation techniques), mindfulness practice and ability.

Our aim is to tap into your underlying beliefs and start to re-shape and re-direct your thoughts and behaviour. We also consider the way you appraise performance situations and help you apply smarter thinking. We will help you understand the conditions required to enter into your flow-zone. This involves balancing arousal, focus, concentration, motivation and commitment to deliver consistent performance under pressure. Our ultimate goal is to help you unlock your potential.


Emotional Awareness

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