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ALX TALX - How to make the mental shift to thrive in lockdown

Thanks to everyone who joined the webinar last night, it was really appreciated. Especially those in the UK, where it was nearly midnight. The lively discussion at the end made my day and has inspired me to do more of these. I believe we have the answers inside of us on how to make the 'MENTAL SHIFT' required to adapt in this lockdown period, as well as post lockdown to the #newnormal we will experience when we come out of this.

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Few of the key themes:

  • How to make the #mentalshift

  • Take back control

  • Finding your energy lifters

  • Setting boundaries

  • Rediscovering your creative spark

  • Bringing beginners' mind every day

  • How to become great prisoners

  • We can come out of this stronger than we went in.

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