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MF Chat - Transitions 3

Letting go of having to prove yourself and show you are adding value. Just be your authentic self. Sounds easy right 🤷🏾. Not so easy after years in corporate life unlearning this habit.

Like the new kid at school, having to show your stats, to win people over. Sharing our transition journey BetterUp, we Erin McClintockBryan Nwafor all agreed it's been different at Betterup to other places.

Discovering your authentic self and showing up as that and trusting that is enough has been joyful and testing part of our journey. Doing this has really helped with our #mentalfitness during this transition.

Thank you Erin and Bryan for openly sharing your experiences during this transition.

How are others showing up authentically in their performance space? Please share tips on how you do this.

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