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Thriving in the #newnormal - Video chat 10 (A doctor's perspective on frontline in NYC)

I was grateful to get a family member on to chat during her day off from the hospital. Dr Ify Nwankwo has been working on the frontline in New York City and came on to share her tips on how she is maintaining her mental fitness, recovering from her shifts, the positive changes she is seeing in NYC and dealing with having to cancel her wedding. I hope you find the chat useful.

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Wishing everyone a great week, next episode coming soon. Stay tuned!!

Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • Important to step away from social media and news to protect your mental fitness

  • Energy lifters are key: engage with things that lift your vibration

  • Sleep is the magical ingredient for recovery and mental fitness. If don't believe us, ask Lebron James

  • Practicing good sleep hygiene is very important for good quality sleep

  • How she dealt with the shock and tough decisions at the peak of the pandemic

  • How New Yorkers really came through, plus the compassionate leadership of their Governor

  • Everyone else in the US could do worse than following their lead

  • Her personal tip: hope for the best and plan for the worst

  • How she dealt with cancelling her wedding and letting go off all the hard work and planning

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