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Thriving in the #newnormal - Video chat 12 (Positive psychology tips from Australia)

I was grateful to get Dan Haesler on to talk about how he is maintaining his mental fitness during the lockdown in Australia. We discussed his excellent '21 Ways in 21 Days' program for improving wellbeing, which he put together in response to the enforced lockdown due to the global pandemic. I am always inspired by my chats with Dan, especially by the reflections they bring on afterwards and the different vantage points my thinking shifts to. I hope you find this chat useful.

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Stay strong, be kind to yourself, and take care of others.

Here are a few teasers from the chat:

  • Do the little things everyday to improve your wellbeing

  • He and his team are being forced to show up and walk the walk everyday

  • Be intentional in how you find meaning and help others around you

  • Practicing good mental skills can really help deal with the environment around us

  • We can only control how we show up each day

  • Uncertainty is like kryptonite for us humans

  • Don't let the pressure cooker blow up; Raise your hand and ask for help

  • Recognise where we are and accept the reality (optimism versus realism)

  • What you can do to make the next 60mins or 24hrs better

  • Don't lose hope

Here is the link to join Dan's wellbeing program.

Here is the link to the podcast we discuss.

Finally, here is how you can keep in touch with Dan

Twitter: @danhaesler

Facebook: Dan.I.Haesler

LinkedIn: Dan Haesler

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