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MF Chat Alawna & Chuck

discovered why I do these #mentalfitness chats. I get a chance to connect deeper with people and learn from them how they navigate the white water rafting called life we are all experiencing.

I met these 2 amazing people on a rooftop in DC last year and thought these guys are very cool 😎. I'm glad I listened to my instincts and setup this chat. It filled my spirit with joy and I've listened to it several times. Thank you so much Alawna Jamison, CPCChuck Bond for sharing your time and insights 🙏🏾.

Key takeaways:

Mental fitness (MF) is dynamic, we never crack it, it requires shifting, pivoting and flexing with every new challenge/opportunity.

Self love is the key, write down what you love about yourself.

MF is like investing, it's what you do in the good times that sustains you in the tough times (Hmm hmm hmm, I love this one).

Know your value system, it's your guiding compass for your MF and energy.

Take more naps, it's called a power nap for a reason. It may also be the secret to long life.

Please engage with the post and share with others. Stay tuned I will be sharing the talk in snippets.

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