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Mental Fitness Chat - Not easy staying in gratitude

First #mentalfitness chat for 2023. I can't believe it's already Feb where did Jan go?

I love doing this chat so much, it is always a rewarding experience that fills me with energy and teaches me something new. I particularly enjoyed this one because these are 2 of my favourite people Erin Kragelund and Inna Fabrikant. I wish we all lived on the same coast. I also enjoyed it so much as it was just before the birth of my daughter and we didn't prep for it.

Questions posed in the chat:

How do you define mental fitness?

How do measure it?

How do you know if you are knocking it out of the park?

We usually model what we see our parents doing, this is where most of us draw on for mental fitness. Also we are modelling what mental fitness is for our children.

Please share your thoughts on questions raised in the chat.

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