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Thriving in the #newnormal - Video chat 4 (A teacher's perspective - Providing safety and stability)

I had my good friend, Dave Law, whom I've known since my university days, join me on my 'Thriving in the #newnormal' talk series. Dave shares his perspective as a teacher on how he's maintaining his mental fitness during this period. He explains how he has had to change his mentality and adopt the mindset of military personnel who go into war zones knowing there's danger, just to protect us. If they can take those risks, Dave feels he can do his bit for the community by going back in to the school to take care of the children of essential workers.

Here are some highlights from our discussion:

  • Get your kids' input before creating any schedule

  • Be flexible and sensitive to your kids' needs

  • Help create positive memories for your kids

  • Focus on safety and stability

  • Be flexible, make new rules e.g. taking a conference call with your child on your lap

  • Be open to new ways of having fun e.g virtual dance parties. Don't knock it till you've tried it

  • Monitor your mental fitness and give yourself what you need

  • Have a plan, control the controllable, the rest is noise (don't engage with it)

  • Seek new ways of connecting with your community

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And wishing you a productive week ahead. Stay strong.

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