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Thriving in the #newnormal - Video chat 11 (A video journalist takes us on a trip from Manila to LA)

I was happy to hear my close friend, Cindy Martin, arrived safely back in LA from Manila. She had been on holiday with her family when the pandemic broke out, and ended up remaining in Manila for an additional 8 weeks. She shared her insights on what it was like to fly during the lockdown, and how she maintained her mental fitness in Manilla. I hope you enjoy our chat and find it useful.

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Stay strong, be gentle with your emotions, and take care of others.

Wishing everyone a great week.

Here are a few teasers from the talk:

  • How lockdown has motivated her to chase her passion to make a documentary

  • Even as a journalist, she limits herself from the news to help with her mental fitness

  • The news doesn't focus enough on the positive side

  • How she made the most of lockdown in Manila and enjoyed the well-priced street food

  • How she prepared her mindset for flying from Manila to LA

  • Wearing protective gear and buying a plethora of hand sanitiser, gel and sprays

  • The response of her Lyft driver on the coronavirus pandemic is priceless

  • How keeping a journal is helping her enjoy the quiet moments in this madness

  • Getting creative to squeeze in her 10,000 steps daily

  • Stripping everything back and focusing on the things that really matter

You can see Cindy's video log of her flight from Manila to LA on her facebook page @Cindy Martin

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