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Building out our mental fitness toolkit

I promised on our last webinar, that I would be sharing resources with the group, so here it is. I came across this mental fitness toolkit from a company called Shine. I have found it very useful and intend to continue using it.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Great articles on dealing with anxiety.

  • A section where you ask experts for tips on maintaining your mental fitness.

  • I know Sharon raised the point about the financial worries caused by the lockdown, they have articles on this.

  • Dealing with the isolation.

  • Free guided meditation for stress, anxiety and better sleep.

  • The section 'take a break' is very cool. They have nature breaks on there where you take in waterfalls, a colouring book, yoga classes and many more fun things.

Another good resource is the program, '21 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing in 21 Days'. I had the creator, Dan Haesler, on my 'Thriving in the #newnormal' talk series to share his program, which uses positive psychology to improve your wellbeing. What I love about the program is how Dan has made it easy and accessible to take action each day to improve your wellbeing. I promise that you will find it helpful.

Link to blog post: Dan Haesler video chat

Link to his 21 ways in 21 days program

I have posted these links on the resource page within the mental fitness Google drive that I have set up for our group, which you can access via this link: Mental Fitness Resource

Also, please sign up as members on my Website, I'm going to create a forum so we can share resources and discuss in between our calls.

Keeping with our theme, let's become great prisoners.

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